Ourika Valley Excursion from Marrakech

After breakfast, your Ourika Valley Excursion begins. We will depart to the Atlas Mountains are about 1 hour from Marrakech. We will discover the beautiful High Atlas villages of Ourika Valley and Setti Fatma nestled on the main road in Ait Ourir. During the road, you will stop at the main points for pictures and breaks, and to enjoy the natural views. Arrive at the last point of the valley where the waterfalls of Setti Fatma are and take a trekking time to visit the waterfalls source of Ourika Valley, running streams, and a taste of Berber village life.

You will explore the work of the artisans manufacturing handicrafts found in Marrakech souks such as colored glass and metal tin lanterns, hand-painted woodwork, and furniture. You will have the chance too to explore a trail used only by Berbers going to and from the market with their donkeys. Lunch in a local restaurant beside the Ourika Valley where you can enjoy the landscapes of the Atlas mountains. We will be back in Marrakech at 8 PM. It’s the end of the Ourika Valley Excursion.


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