* The Rose Festival in Kelaa M’Gouna.
On the second weekend of May each year, the magnificent rose festival attracts crowds, who come to enjoy traditional songs and dances, colorful parades, and local handicrafts, offering an intoxicating spectacle for all senses. Delicate, colorful petals mingle with exotic spices and intoxicating scents in a captivating dance. And to top it all off, the appointment of the wonderful Miss Rose personifies the incomparable beauty of this magical event. An opportunity to discover the culture of the Moroccan southeast. An event not to be missed by all visitors to Morocco during this period!

* International Festival of Nomads in M’hamid El Ghizlane.
The International Festival of Nomads is an open-air celebration, that merges art and citizenship. Once a year, in M’hamid El Ghizlane, which is located in the Draa Valley in southeastern Morocco, nomadic tribes share their tangible and intangible heritage through various cultural activities. This gathering preserves their cultural identity and provides an unparalleled platform to bring their nomadic art to the forefront. The International Festival of Nomads is a unique opportunity to vibrate to the rhythm of a thousand-year-old culture and to be carried away by the magic of nomadic life.

* Moussem of engagement in Imilchil.
In the majestic heart of the High Atlas lies Imilchil, a jewel of Moroccan Berber tradition. The famous Moussem of Imilchil now attracts more visitors than ever, coming from all over the world to attend a unique festival. Indeed, the celebration of Imilchil is a collective wedding party for young singles in the Atlas region. History tells us that this tradition dates back to authentic historical events of the Berber tribes who were constantly fighting against each other. The rival factions of Aït Ibrahim and Aït Yaaza were part of the tribe of Aït Hdiddou. A tragic legend claims that the desire for an impossible love between the two clans gave
* Saffron festival in Taliouine.